Tragedies happen. Suicides, crime victims, unattended deaths, accidents, and other means of demise occur in life. Although an ambulance or mortuary will take away the body, what is left behind is up to the family or personnel of the building. Handling contaminated blood and bodily fluids is a job best left for professional cleaners who have been trained in biohazard waste removal. 

We know that removing the signs of crime or trauma is just a minor step in the healing process, but it is also an important one. Let us help keep your family and future residents safe by removing all infectious materials so you can get on with living and healing. 

American Restoration 24/7 understands that accidental deaths, blood spills, suicides and other traumatic scenes are unexpected and upsetting, but they can also be dangerous and difficult to clean. Studies show that 1 in 24 people are infected with HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. These blood-borne pathogens could be transmitted to anyone who comes into contact with infected blood or bodily fluids.

Our professional biohazard cleaners are licensed and trained to disinfect and dispose of infected materials safely, and help property owners and families to remove signs of the tragedy. We use personal protective gear, full face respirators, and our proprietary cleaning solutions that completely disinfect an area. Then we safely and legally dispose of the biohazardous materials.


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Crime Scene Cleaning

Life is full of uncertainties and these uncertainties can involve both good and bad incidents. While good incidents give us a number of memories to cherish, the bad ones traumatize our lives in a number of ways that we could never imagine. The bad memories, especially the ones associated with a crime, be it an accident, suicide, burglaries, murder or accidental death have the potential to scar one’s life forever. Though the scars on one’s memories and mind can’t be removed off easily, the evidence of such crime can definitely be removed from your home. Our American Restoration 24/7 Crime Scene Cleanup Services come extremely handy in removing the most terrible and traumatic matter and stains from the place that has witnessed a crime.

A crime scene can consist of a number of unwanted elements such as blood stains, bodily fluids, harmful and toxic chemicals or metals etc. that may pose potential threats to the occupants. The threat of being on a crime scene are not just emotional but also physical as the substances left behind can cause infections and diseases requiring hospitalization. In order to protect one from the harmful effects of being on a crime scene, we recommend you to choose our professional and intensive crime scene cleanup services.

A crime scene cleanup involves a number of cleaning processes such as odor removal, sanitization, material removal, disinfection, etc. depending on the state and circumstances of the crime scene. These processes can be lengthy and extensive depending on the length of time the decomosing body was there.  

It has been observed that most of the people shun the idea of calling for a professional to handle a crime scene cleaning as they fear loss of their privacy especially in such traumatic times. Our crime scene cleanup team consists of professional and experienced crew members that do their jobs accurately, respectfully, and with discretion.

We hope and wish that unfortunate incidents should never bother you and your loved ones, but if they do give us a call at American Restoration 24/7 for certified and licensed crime scene cleaning services. Our number is 1-833-726-7378.

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