Tragedies happen. Suicides, crime victims, unattended deaths, accidents, and other means of demise occur in life. Although an ambulance or mortuary will take away the body, what is left behind is up to the family or personnel of the building. Handling contaminated blood and bodily fluids is a job best left for professional cleaners who have been trained in biohazard waste removal. 

We know that removing the signs of crime or trauma is just a minor step in the healing process, but it is also an important one. Let us help keep your family and future residents safe by removing all infectious materials so you can get on with living and healing. 

American Restoration 24/7 understands that accidental deaths, blood spills, suicides and other traumatic scenes are unexpected and upsetting, but they can also be dangerous and difficult to clean. Studies show that 1 in 24 people are infected with HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. These blood-borne pathogens could be transmitted to anyone who comes into contact with infected blood or bodily fluids.

Our professional biohazard cleaners are licensed and trained to disinfect and dispose of infected materials safely, and help property owners and families to remove signs of the tragedy. We use personal protective gear, full face respirators, and our proprietary cleaning solutions that completely disinfect an area. Then we safely and legally dispose of the biohazardous materials.


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Unattended Deaths

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

The phrase unattended death refers to a death in which the body is not found for days, weeks, or in some cases, months. Unattended deaths happen most commonly with the elderly, especially if they reside alone and do not have family or friends that check on them regularly. In rarer cases, an unattended death may occur after a suicide or homicide.

The longer a person’s remains are unattended, the further along they will be in the decomposition process.

The 3 stages of decomposition are:

  1. Autolysis (self-digestion): Due to a lack of oxygen and build up of waste, the cells of the body become stressed, and the intracellular pH level drops. This low pH level turns the body into an acidic environment, which causes the membranes to rupture and release enzymes that digest the cell from the inside out.
  2. Bloat: During this stage, numerous gases are produced as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa attack the dead tissue and liquefy it.
  3. Active decay: During the last stage of decomposition, the fat and muscles are reduced to a foul-smelling paste-like substance, and the microorganisms are joined by flies and other insects that help remove the remaining soft tissue.


A decomposing body releases bacteria and toxins that can be harmful to humans and cause significant physical damage to the home or property. In fact, a decomposed body can affect a home’s livability in as little as a few hours in some weather. Therefore, it is imperative that the scene of an unattended death be completely cleaned and sanitized.

Once an unattended death is discovered, it is usually up to the family to handle the cleanup, which can be problematic. No one should have to see a family member in one of the stages of decomposition, and the biological matter that a body leaves behind can be hazardous.

Let American Restoration 24/7 handle this situation for you. We care about your health and peace of mind that it will be taken care of respectfully and conscientiously.

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