Smoke Damage Restoration, Repair & Cleanup in the Denver Metro Area.

Smoke damage from a fire can be costly, and even hazardous if it isn’t properly taken care of. We have tried and true methods when it comes to handling smoke damage repair and cleanup services. Our technicians are qualified and bring only the most advanced and effective approaches to any smoke damage cleanup and restoration project. Our approach utilizes spray applications, odor neutralizing compounds as well as solvent-based deodorizers to return your place back to normal.

American Restoration 24/7 is ready to tend to even the most extensively smoke damaged properties. Knowledge about the behavior of smoke and soot have allowed us to develop effective smoke damage cleanup strategies that provide you with the effective results that you deserve. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has emboldened us to treat not only the structure of your property but personal possessions as well. For the high-quality smoke cleanup services  look to skilled staff members at Americanl Restoration 24/7.

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Fire Damage Restoration Process

1. Assessing the degree of damage

Firstly, the restoration technicians inspect the property and assess the extent of the fire, smoke, and soot damage. They also assess the damage from the water that was used to put out the fire. Doing so allows them to discover all the visible and hidden damage.

2. Handling of contents

After the extent of the damage is determined, the technicians will move or remove items from the property. Items can be either restored or discarded, depending on the amount of damage they suffered. Salvageable items can be restored on-site or at a different location.

3. Protecting the property

A fire most likely damages the roofs, walls, and windows. This can compromise the security of the property. The restoration team will provide board-up and roof-trap services to the property to secure it from intruders.

4. Water removal and drying

Once the property is secure, the damage restoration continues with removing the excess water that resulted from extinguishing the fire. Then, the technicians will dry the property to prevent further water damage.

5. Removing smoke and soot residue

Once the property is dry, we will clean the soot from surfaces, such as ceilings, floors, walls, and items using specialized equipment. The restoration team will also eliminate biological and chemical pollutants. Removing smoke odors is achieved with equipment such as foggers, ozone generators, and hydroxyl generators.

6. Cleaning and sanitization

At this stage in the fire damage restoration process, the technicians remove the remaining dust, debris, and smoke and soot residue from items and surfaces, and the property will be sanitized.

7. Property reconstruction

In the final step, the restoration team will work to get your property back to its pre-loss condition. If needed, the property will undergo repairs and reconstruction, such as painting, replacing drywall or carpet, remodeling, or other necessary modifications.


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