Our water damage experts will help get your property back to a healthy space again. We have the equipment to extract excess water, dryers to get all the moisture out, and environmental friendly sprays to prevent mold and spores from growing.  If your water damage has already caused mold to grow, we can clean up or remove the infected area. 

Water damage doesn't happen all at once, unless you experience a flood, it can happen slowly over time and can be difficult to find. Water damage does have some common signs. If you notice condensation, signs of fungi, discoloration or warping, then you may have damage. 

Water damage is often caused by something small like a leak or small drip. It can come from back flow from clogged drains.This water can be potentially hazardous because it can contain sewage. American Restoration 24/7n can identify where the problem is and fix it, then remove all the hazardous materials involved. 

If you notice water pouring into your home or business, call us. We will get our technicians out to you. We will determine where the water is coming from and stop it if possible. We will remove and try to salvage any of your items that is in or near the water. 

Unless you have the correct protective gear, do not walk through the water. It may contain harmful chemicals or bacteria. It may also be close to electrical appliances, outlets, and other harmful devices. Let our technicians handle everything for you. 

Water Damage Can Cost More Than Just Money

Water Damage Can Cost More Than Just Money

Water damage can devastate a property in a very short time, depending on temperatures and building materials, clean water can start developing mold spores in less than 24 hours. If water is contaminated from sewage or outside debris, this process will speed up dramatically. Time is of the essence, the sooner the water is extracted, dried, and cleaned, the lower the risk of hazardous mold growth. 

Extracting water from a property can be a daunting, dirty, and dangerous without the right equipment. The costs for tools and materials such as towels, sponges, boots, protective clothing, respirators, cleaning supplies, pumps and drying fans can quickly add up for the do-it-yourself person. In 2018, the average cost of removing standing water was $2870. This cost will grow along with the hazardous mold if your efforts fail to thoroughly dry the area completely. Mold left unchecked behind walls can cause major health issues over time. 

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